The legal battle

Voices of Milpitas filed a lawsuit against the Homekey project.  This is the document we submitted to the Superior Court of the state of California, County of Santa Clara. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Public records

If you are interested to know the history of this Hillview Homekey purchase, go to the following page. 


The location of Homekey

11000 Students and 20 schools will be within 2 miles of Project Homekey in Milpitas. Project Homekey on Hillview Court will house 134 homeless at the cost of $500,000 per studio unit. Jamboree (the developer of the housing) is not forthcoming with the data and criteria about who will be housed in this facility. We do not know the experience and expertise of the 3 on-site staff members and if they can handle the specialized needs of residents.

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