Our Mission

Voices of Milpitas (VoM) is a community of diverse Milpitas residents who promote a vibrant and tolerant community where people can thrive and openly communicate with each other about policies and projects impacting Milpitas residents.​

To foster these goals, VoM seeks accountability and transparency from the City of Milpitas, Santa Clara County, and all government agencies regarding their actions affecting the welfare, health and safety of its community. 

VoM is different from Voices of Milpitas LLC, a limited liability company registered with the California Secretary of State, although both might share similar goals.

A primary goal of VoM is to ensure that the voices of Milpitas residents are heard in governmental matters directly affecting their lives.

For example, VoM opposes the Homekey project in Milpitas as it relates to the project's implementation and process. This Homekey project is a $80 million housing project that seeks to convert an Extended Stay America hotel in Milpitas into 132 apartments for the unhoused. 

VOM is greatly concerned about the impact of this project on the local community and adjacent neighborhoods; the lack of appropriate vetting of the project; the assignment of rooms to unhoused people from all over the County, with no commitment regarding the unhoused of Milpitas; and the inadequate opportunity for input and public participation in the process from Milpitas residents.

A project of this size requires full transparency on the part of elected officials. It requires public hearings and the full involvement of local residents who will be impacted by this project.