The high cost to maintain Hillview Homekey

On site supportive service to Adobe = 1.5 million a year.  VIEW MORE 

Rent subsidy to Jamboree = 2 million a year (page 9, item 5121). VIEW MORE

That is 3.5 million a year.


Voices of Milpitas

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Recall Newsom!

Group Discussion

We want our say

What Milpitas Neighbors are saying about Hillview homeless hotel project.  VIEW MORE

House Construction

Jamboree ??

Jamboree has poor record of managing apartment properties.  VIEW MORE


Our Concerns

Major concerns of Milpitas Citizens against the HillviewHomekey project.   VIEW MORE

Glass Buildings

California exodus

Why some tech companies and billionaires are leaving California.   VIEW MORE


The Appraisal

If you wonder how much the Hillview Extended Stay hotel is worth, you should read the appraisal report from ​ HVS Consulting and Valuation, who specialized in hotel appraisals.  You will wonder why the government is so generous to pay more than double what it is worth.   VIEW MORE


Our Mission

VoicesofMilpitas (VoM) is a community of diverse Milpitas residents who
promote a vibrant and tolerant community where people can thrive and openly
communicate with each other about policies and projects impacting Milpitas

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Holiday Drive

Please donate to those in need. VIEW MORE

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Coat & Blanket Drive

VOM collected 32 bags of clothes and blankets. VIEW MORE

Recent Videos

Seattle is dying

A KOMO News Documentary

A look at the homeless crisis in Seattle.

The homeless crisis


A look at the Milpitas Homekey project and the failure of the government to manage the homeless crisis in California.

Protest against the Hillview Homekey project

Voices of Milpitas

Protest by the Milpitas residents against the Hillview Homekey project.

Image by Claus Pescha

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